Public Service Sports Day 2014

Activities to observe Public Service Day 2014 continue with the hosting of the Public Service Sports Day on Friday 29th August 2014, from 9:00am at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium. This event will take the form of competitions among the various Government Ministries/Departments in sack races, three legged races, cricket, dominoes and lots more. These games have been organized to promote collaboration, camaraderie and socialization among Public Officers.

The overall winner which will be determined through an established point system will be recognized at the Public Service Awards and Recognition Ceremony in December 2014.

Public Service Day is carded for 5th December, 2014 and the theme chosen for this year’s observance is 'An efficient Service, a Sustainable Future.' Public Officers are urged to attend in large numbers to support the competing teams. An enjoyable atmosphere will be created with the presence of live musical entertainment and the sale of eats and drinks.