Public Service Day 2016 Awards, Manual and Nomination Forms

This year, Public Service Day will be celebrated on Friday December 2, 2016. One of the key events of the celebration is the Excellence in Public Service Award Ceremony wherein deserving officers will be given awards after a nomination process.

The following are nomination forms for the various awards:

Form 1 – Nominee’s Information (PDF, 45.5KB)

Form 2 – Supervisor’s Recommendation (PDF, 40.4KB)

Form 3 – Colleagues’ Reference Information (PDF, 31.7KB)

Form 4 – Team Nomination (PDF, 39.3KB)

Senior Officer Award (PDF, 61.4KB)

Team Award (PDF, 58.5KB)

Temporary Officer Award (PDF, 59.8KB)

Jerry Augustine Award (PDF, 59.7KB)

Junior Officer Award (PDF, 60.1KB)

Middle Management Award (PDF, 16.2KB)

Senior Management Award (DOC, 17.3KB)

The Awards Manual (PDF, 522KB) can be downloaded here.