Welcome Remarks at Public Service Day 2018 Launching - Ms. Cecillia Carr, Chief Personnel Officer (Ag.)

Today we continue to commemorate the journey in the public Service.  A journey which leads to national development for the Commonwealth of Dominica.  What then do we consider that journey.  As the Chief Personnel Officer, this journey should be one of excellence in service delivery, sustainability and transformation.  We join our United Nation colleagues who will celebrate UN Public Service Day on June 23 2018, tomorrow.   The UN General Assembly, in its resolution 57/277, designated June 23 as Public Service Day. The UN Public Service Day celebrates the value and virtue of public service to the community; it highlights the contribution of the public service in the development process; recognizes the work of public servants, and encourages young ambitious people to pursue careers in the public sector. Under the theme, BUILDING A RESILIENT PUBLIC SERVICE, A COLLECTIVE RESPONSE, the Dominica Public Service, today launches; Public Service Day Activities 2018.

Our thinking at this point is to determine what are our expectations as public officers in building resilience.  The buzz words we should bear in mind in building a resilient public service, are governance, ethics, transformation, sustainability, productivity, excellence, partnership and flexibility.

We sound a call for public officers to be ethical in undertaking daily duties.  The need for us to function for the greater good of greater numbers.  We must examine how best we can satisfy our customers and respond to their needs.

 In building resilience, transformation is a key component, shifting from the status quo.  We will be expected to approach our challenges and service delivery methods in a profound and radical change process that orients the Public Service in a new direction and takes it to an entirely different level of effectiveness.  Transformation for us cannot be a turnaround, it must be a change of character and configuration of structures. 

Collectively approaching the resilience agenda, working in collaboration with internal partners will be a key ingredient.  Our clients expect us to be more proactive rather than being reactive.  Being able to develop improved strategies and solutions and being flexible enough will enable the Public Service to sustain the required pace for success.

In recent times, we have experienced the ravages of Hurricane Marie.  We have been seeing successful, incremental rebuilding throughout the Island.  The Public Service as an engine for national development requires to be productive.  Unless we are not performing for results, success cannot be realized.  Each officer has a role to play in the rebuilding process. 

As we cerebrate Public Service Day 2018, we seek to foster camaraderie through our many activities, we seek to reward officers for exceptional service and recognize those who have served before us, let us strive to be leaders.  Leaders at whatever level we serve.  Let us serve with pride and diligence. Let us respond to the needs of our clients and sustain excellence in service delivery as we continue with building resilience on this beautiful island.

I welcome you warmly to this the official launching of Public Service Day activities 2018.  May God bless us all and the works of our hands!!