An Overview of Public Service Day 2018 Activities - Mrs. Sandra Charter-Rolle, Senior Administrative Officer EPTD

It is my pleasure to present an overview of the events and activities in commemoration of Public Service Day 2018 under the theme:

“Building a Resilient Public Service – A Collective Response”.  We believe that this theme speaks to our resilience as Public Officers and how it is reflected in our work programmes.

The Establishment, Personnel and Training Department in collaboration with other Ministries and Departments, has since 1999 spearheaded activities promoting Public Service Day celebrations with a major objective being the recognition and rewarding of excellence in service delivery and in the performance of duties.  It also aims to encourage socialization among current officers and to recognize the tremendous contributions of retired public officers to nation building.

 As is customary, public officers at various levels in the public service will be rewarded for excellent performances at the staging of the Rewards and Recognition Ceremony in December.  However the success of this event depends heavily not only on the timeliness but also on the quality of submissions by Ministries and Departments.  To this end, we encourage respective supervisors to be vigilant and make fair assessments in the selection of officers nominated for awards.  We have therefore extended the deadline for the receipt of all nominations with respect to officers for awards to facilitate the Ministries. 

Awards will be given in the following categories:

• Jerry Augustine Award to an outstanding messenger

• Junior Officer’s Award

• Middle Manager’s Award

• Senior Officer’s Award

• Senior Manager’s Award

• Team Award

• Temporary Officer Award

• The Chief Personnel Officer’s Award to an outstanding Head of Division or Unit

• The Minister for the Public Service Award for Excellence in Public Service: Innovation Award

• Public Officer of the Year Award

This year the Planning Committee decided to curtail the activities but still make it an exciting one, therefore a number of social activities have been planned.  An excursion to Martinique is carded for the August Monday weekend so public officers are asked to register early as registration closes on July 6. Flyers with all information have been posted throughout the Ministries.

Public Service Sports Day is back and is scheduled for August 31 at the National Stadium.  Competition in fun games such as three-legged race, rounders, football, cricket and other games including marble hole and jacks will be rolled out in the day’s activities.  We encourage massive participation in this event as we showcase our talent in the field of sports.  Winners will be recognized at the Rewards and Recognition Ceremony in December.  We implore all Ministries to begin putting their teams together for the event.

In order to increase the camaraderie among public officers and to offer an avenue to release some of the post Maria stress, the last Friday of each month is dubbed “eat fish/ entertainment night”.  The activity will commence right after work under the Government Headquarters. Come play board games, tell jokes, socialize and tell of your experiences during and after Maria.  This will commence the last Friday in July.

As part of building resilence, our Community Outreach Project this year will focus on the Home of the Aged in Grange Portsmouth.  It is hoped that with the support of public officers we will be able to transform this home into a modern facility catering to residents mainly from the North.  The Planning Committee is working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works to determine the works to be undertaken.  We therefore look to the support of public officers in making this home a comfortable and modern facility.

In all things and in all circumstances, we are to give the Heavenly Father thanks and praise.  It is with this in mind that a Church Service has been planned for Monday December 3.

The curtains will roll down with the hallmark event on Friday December 7, 2018.  On that day we will observe Public Service Day 2018 and the year will climax with the Awards and recognition Ceremony in the evening.

Public Service Day is here once again.  The EPTD implore the wide participation of public officers in all our scheduled activities so that we can create lasting impressions as we chart the way forward for building a more resilient public service.

Heading these activities is the Public Service Central Planning Committee.